DPF Solutions

At Anglia Tuning Centre, we offer DPF removal solutions. Prices start at only £400. This includes physical removal of the DPF, cut open very carefully, internals removed, welded and refitted. The vehicle is then mapped with a DPF solution and a performance / blend map if the customer wishes. The majority of the time this is a much cheaper option than replacement.

Something that always needs to be considered is why the DPF has failed in the first place, replacing the DPF without repairing relevant faults can cause damage to new DPF, for this reason most customers opt for removal as it guarantees no future issues with the DPF.

The DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is a specific filter located in a section of your exhaust system, fitted in most modern diesel vehicles.

The purpose of the DPF is to significantly reduce the amount of polluting particles in exhaust fumes, released into the atmosphere.

The captured pollutants, soot and ash should be burned up by passive DPF regeneration, during normal driving, however to trigger regeneration the DPF must reach a high enough temperature over a long enough period of time.

For drivers doing higher mileage and longer journeys, the passive DPF regeneration normally keeps the DPF clear; however drivers doing shorter journeys and overall lower mileage often suffer with DPF blockages.

Please Note: DPF Removal is not for road use and is only for track and off road vehicles