Diesel Remap

We specialise in diesel performance chips, diesel remapping via the OBD port and general turbo diesel tuning for more power and economy.

Benefit Of Diesel Remap

When increasing performance with diesel performance chips, diesel remapping via the OBD port or general turbo diesel tuning its important to have the perfect power curve and fuel economy ratios.

ATC Tuning Diesel Remap Will Give You The Following Gains

  •  Increased horsepower
  •  Increased torque
  •  Better throttle response
  •  Smoother power delivery
  •  Improved fuel economy
  •  Safer overtaking

Economy Remap

Our power and economy gains are achieved by skilfully adjusting key parameters within the vehicles ECU software, such as boost pressure, fuel delivery rates, timing and throttle response.

Only ATC trained remapping technicians are independently qualified and certified by the IMI, which is the Institute of the Motor Industry. It is the only recognised remapping qualification of its type within the motor trade

As a quality led business we care passionately about what we do and how we do it.